Volkswagen is the latest company to begin a winter tyres scheme. Following Audi and Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen hope to make their customer’s cars safer with their latest scheme.

As we have asked before on our previous winter tyres articles, is there a need for them?

The winters of previous years have caused chaos on the roads. It can be said that due to the accidents reported as a result of the terrible weather conditions, insurance premiums have increased. Nothing can be done about the weather, but precautions can be taken in order to prevent accidents from occurring. Drivers can take more care by driving slowly, braking earlier and taking main routes. But is that enough? Could winter tyres actually contribute significantly by reducing accidents and increasing safety to other road users?

The answer to that is yes according to Eric Ekins. He believes that winter tyres can help in conditions other than snow as well. He said “The message we want to get across is that you don’t need snow to make the most of winter tyres. In fact, once the mercury hits seven degrees Celsius or below, winter tyres tend to outperform their summer counterparts with greater grip for acceleration, cornering and braking.”

Winter temperatures are consistently below six degrees centigrade and are expected to remain this way. Research has shown that winter tyres are especially beneficial for that type of temperature over the average summer tyres. Winter tyres are able to grip the road better with the material in normal tyres tightening when temperatures decrease. The material of winter tyres softens during the same situation which is the reason why the tyres are able to get a better grip on the road.

What exactly is Volkswagen offering? When the tyres are off for the summer, Volkswagen will offer storage nylon bags for all four winter tyres which will cost £25. The scheme is set to be rolled out on all Volkswagen models with the tyre size ranging from 15 to 19. There will be specially design alloy wheels available to go along with the winter tyres. Prices will start from £725 which includes the fitting of the winter tyres.