Volkswagen is hoping to set a record of selling 8 million cars worldwide. The target is achievable according to Europe’s biggest car manufacturer. Statics show that they sold 7.51 million cars globally from November.

This marks a 13.9 per cent increase from sales in the previous year. From January to November last year, Volkswagen sales equated to 6.59 million. November sales also saw an increase, with 711,400 sold in 2011 and 617,200 in the same period in 2010.

Klinger – 8 Million targets possible

Christian Klingler said that the mammoth 8 million sales target is within reach for total 2011 sales. He said “We are making very good progress. Our target to top an annual 8 million units for the first time is within reach. That is an important milestone for the group. Despite the anticipated high delivery levels for this year, we are already preparing for a very challenging year in 2012. Risks on European markets, in particular, are increasing,”

Volkswagen Group

In the month of November alone, the Volkswagen group sold 3.38 million cars in Europe from January to November of this year alone which is an increase from the 3.04 million sold a year earlier throughout the same time period.

Western Europe

The Western European region (barring Volkswagen’s home country Germany) saw growth of 6.6 per cent in terms of sales throughout November. 1.71 million cars were sold in November 2010 and 1.82 million were sold in November 2011.


Germany itself saw an increase of sales in November. Last year the company sold 0.95 million cars with 2011 November sales equating to 1.06 million cars.

Central and Eastern Europe

Central and Eastern Europe sales are also up by a tremendous 29.3 per cent year on year. 2010 saw sales of 382,200 and 2011 saw sales of 494,800.

The U.S.A

The world’ second largest car market, America, saw a 21.4 per cent increase in sales from 494,700 to 600,700. That will come as great reading for Volkswagen executives. America is proving a difficult market to break into at present, with Volkswagen clearly performing quite well.

South America

South America saw the same growth rate as the Western European region with a 6.6 per cent increase. Sales rose from 802,600 to 855,500 units.

Everything Volkswagen touch is turning into Gold at the moment. We believe they will smash their 8 million targets for 2011.