Europe’s largest car manufacturer Volkswagen are aiming for a strong 2012. These ambitions were announced despite a massive decline in the European car market at present.

After a good first two months of the year, Volkswagen hopes to maintain their progress and continue with a high number of deliveries throughout the year.

European sales suffering

It is unfortunate for Volkswagen that their biggest market is suffering from a major decline. All mass car producers are currently suffering from a loss in sales. Demand is not reaching the stored capacity for many car producers. The Euro Zone crisis has ruined customer confidence across the region. Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen’s Chairman has said that the region of Europe will need close attention paid to it.

In order to make up for losses made in Europe, Volkswagen has targeted India, China and Russia to make up for poor sales.

Volkswagen’s ambitions to succeed in Europe this year may come as a surprise as they are not performing at their best level in Germany, their home country at present.

2011 a great year for Volkswagen

2011 was a record breaking year for the company, with profit doubling to $25.5 billion made. Sales of Volkswagen cars increased by 25.5 per cent. This was a major reason in Volkswagen finishing second as the world’s second biggest car producer. Some imagine that Volkswagen were indeed number one as various statistics were not included. Volkswagen’s aim is to be number one by 2018. 2012 will have to be a strong year for the company if they are to achieve that aim.

Officially General Motors sold 8.3 million vehicles in 2011. Volkswagen sold 9.03 million vehicles within the same year.

Great year so far

As mentioned earlier this year has seen positive results for the company. Deliveries increased by 17.7 per cent with 399,700 sold in February alone. January and February of this year combined has reached a grand total of 818,800. This results in a 8 per cent growth when comparing the same period last year.

Volkswagen are making excellent progress in China and Hong Kong, a key market to success. Vehicle deliveries saw a 66 per cent increase with a total of 31,352 sold in February alone which breaks the 30,000 mark. North America deliveries also read well for Volkswagen between January and February.


Volkswagen is looking to introduce many cost cutting measures in terms of technology used within their cars. This includes installing a specific architecture named MQB amongst all vehicles across the Volkswagen brand.

Can Volkswagen meet targets for 2012?