The stunning looking Volkswagen Bluesport will not be released according to rumours. Speculation around the automotive industry claims that there is simply not enough demand to justify the release of the car.

Volkswagen would have to sell 50,000 across the world in order to justify the production of the car. Forecasts of sales are unfortunately no where that figure. Not even the best selling roadster of all time, the Mazda MX-5 is able to achieve that. They have only done so in 1990,1991 and 1992 which were right at the beginning of its life.

Hopes dashed

What a shame that would be. The car is a rear drive roadster which was expected to be a rival to the Mazda MX-5 was also a figurehead in leading other projects from the Volkswagen Group. Audi and Porsche were also developing concept cars of a similar kind.

Hackenberg – Not enough demand

Ulrich Hackenberg was quoted to have confirmed that demand is simply not strong enough for the Bluesport at the moment. He said “At the moment, there’s no official release for the project. We are fighting for it as it fits with the VW brand, but we need demand and volume and we need dealers to get behind it.”

The original concept shown to us to the Detroit Motor Show back in 2009 was very highly praised. Many were hoping that the production of the vehicle would indeed go ahead but ever since the decision has gone both ways a great number of times.

The concept itself produced a brilliant 180 BHP and gave back around 35 MPG. It would have been a wonderful addition to our roads.

The American car market in particular may not produce a very high demand for the car, which has been labelled as a critical factor in not releasing the Bluesport. The world’s second largest automotive market will prove critical to the company if they are to indeed become the world’s largest car producer by 2018.


It is safe to say that the many fans are disappointed at the fact that the car will not be released. The story isn’t over but the most likely conclusion is that the Bluesport will not be unleashed onto the automotive market.