The Volkswagen Cross Coupe has been unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The concept car was one of the surprises at the annual event this year. Nevertheless it is a significant piece of news as it shows Volkswagen dedication to creating more crossover and SUV models. Could this concept car help the company reach number 1 ahead of Toyota as the world largest car manufacturer before 2018?


What does it reveal? Firstly the Cross Coupe reveals a new sense of style that the company could be adopting for future models of a similar type. Some expert automotive sources have likened the car to the Range Rover Evoque, saying that the concept is a crossover styled rival.

The car has a long wheelbase which ensures that the car’s length is longer than the Golf. However the car is actually shorter than the Tiguan. The bonnet appears to be quite long in length with the alloy wheels appearing to be quite large at the same time. The wheel arches are very spaced out, which gives away the impression of the car’s off road capabilities.

The frameless windows are also an attractive feature making the car look that extra bit more attractive. Its coupe credentials are enhanced with a sloping rear window along with a rear window spoiler. This not only looks good but helps with the car’s aerodynamics.

Overall the car’s features sit in great proportion making it a very attractive looking car.


Plenty of technology has also been boasted for the future, in terms of Volkswagen’s future off roaders.

The car has four seats that fix within a wonderfully designed interior. There is plenty of attention to detail and the car feels expensive when sitting inside. Uniquely, the quartets of seats are indeed bucket seats, which again give away that sense of sportiness upon the vehicle.

The car is also practical, with the load capacity being 1,230 litres.

This includes a new technical architecture named the “MQB” modular transverse matrix, which is adapted to all types of SUV’s. It is a new piece of technology which is expected to be used upon all of the Volkswagen Group’s other brands including that of Porsche and Audi.

It is highly unlikely that we will get to see the Volkswagen Cross Coupe being put into production but it has revealed plenty about what we can expect for the future.