Volkswagen Fleet Services have begun a three month trial of Ebbon-Dacs’ MoDel electronic vehicle delivery and collection solution. Overall the company hope to create better customer satisfaction and improve efficiency in the way that vehicles are provided to their fleet clients.

The new scheme will be used from 17 out of Volkswagen’s 65 fleet business partners. Four leasing companies that Volkswagen used are also set to have the new model used upon them.

The trial which will end towards the end of March will be adopted on a permanent basis if it is successful.  This is the first time that a trail of this nature has been used within the UK.

Leasing companies involved

  • Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions
  • GE Capital Fleet Services
  • ING Car Lease
  • Volkswagen Group Leasing

MoDel is a brand new online solution. It was developed by Ebbon-Dacs, the motor accessories supplier and VGroup International. It’s a very sophisticated and advanced system whereby all stages of the delivery process is automated. This includes the handover and collection process. The customer satisfaction is measured through clients instantly giving it through Ebbon-Dacs’ e-procurement platform. At present, that is the most commonly used system of its kind by all UK leasing companies.

Iker Lazzari – 500 vehicles delivered

Iker Lazzari, the National Contact Hire and Leasing Manager for Volkswagen Fleet Services expect approximately 500 vehicles to be delivered throughout the trail period of MoDel.

He said “We are really committed to improving levels of customer service to both leasing companies and end user fleets and see MoDel as the ideal software solution to help us achieve this objective, We are working with a mix of small, medium and large sized dealers within our fleet business partners’ network to test the quality of the service and collect customer feedback information at the point of handover. At that point, we will ask the customer five service questions to rate the overall experience and capture their responses.  This anonymously gathered information will allow us to make any necessary improvements, and will help achieve our objective to be in the top five manufacturers in terms of customer service by the end of 2013.

He adds “’We are confident of a successful outcome to the project as we have employed a stringent and rigorous assessment of the system, its security, its compliance with data protection and its overall capabilities before embarking on the trial,”

Volkswagen are clearly looking to adopt new and innovative technologies  within the UK fleet market, which has tremendous amount of potential