The Volkswagen Fox has made quite an impact since arriving on the UK market. It was designed to be stylish yet very cheap to run.

We take a look at our favourite features in this article.

Running costs

The running costs are what the car is mainly known for. It is able to achieve a maximum of around 50 MPG depending on the type of driving. Servicing the car is cheap along with repairs. The insurance will not cost a lot either. In recent years, the car has been known to be the cheapest to insure in the whole of the UK, with its insurance group being the lowest possible.


When you buy the Volkswagen Fox, it’s not a car that you buy for thrashing the engine or taking the corners at high speeds. If you drive the car how it is intended to be driven, the car is sure not to let you down. It’s a no frills type of car, with it hardly needing repairs and being built with a great amount of quality.

It’s a cheap car which offers plenty of reliability throughout. It was built in South America but has enough quality to be sustainable within the UK market.


The car does look quite stylish compared to some its rivals. It’s compact and does look quite trendy, with a nice shape to the front of the car.


The interior is surprisingly quite spacious, despite the car’s small size. You certainly get more room than you bargained for. It offers comfort in the front two seats and is taller and slightly wider than rivals. You’ll be able to store plenty of luggage in the boot, something which many wouldn’t really expect.


Not a sporty car that offers blistering pace or a modern day family car offering tons of practicality and space. It’s designed to get first time drivers on the road or those with a budget. It’s a Volkswagen, a company with a fantastic and reliable reputation known for making quality cars. The Volkswagen Fox is a city car that’s not ugly, cheap to buy and cheap to run. Not a bad car all round we say.