Volkswagen Middle East is starting a new campaign whereby they are encouraging customers throughout the region to “Think Blue”.

Bluemotion technologies are at the forefront for the company’s environmentally friendly and fuel efficient campaign. In essence, the “Think Blue” campaign is designed to raise awareness of Volkswagen environmentally friendly technology that they use within their cars. They contribute heavily to keeping owners away from fuel pumps and keeping emissions as low as possible. Not only does it raise awareness on the road but it also encourages people to be more environmentally aware in their everyday life.

Changing “small habits”

Stefan Mecha, the Managing Director of Volkswagen Middle East commented at how much impact the “Think Blue” campaign can really have. He said “I am pleased to announce that Volkswagen Middle East is introducing the global initiative “Think Blue” to the Middle East. “Think Blue” is about more than economic engines and fuel efficiency, it is about consciously changing small habits in one’s lifestyle that will help for example to save energy, save water and recycle goods – small steps really do lead to great changes.”

Automotive leaders

At present, Volkswagen are currently one of the leaders in the automotive industry in terms of implementing green technology within their cars. On top their wide range of BlueMotion technology, Volkswagen also implement a DSG dual clutch gearbox which is able to save 15% on fuel. Their TSI turbo engine extremely fuel efficient but unlike other engines of the same type, it doesn’t compromise on the power which it is able to produce.

A list of Volkswagen BlueMotion technologies

  • Recuperation
  • Stop Start
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Aerodynamics

Stefan Mecha has stated the success of the campaign in other countries by saying “We’re proud of the success “Think Blue” has achieved in other countries and we look forward to emulating the same success over the coming years,”

Volkswagen’s care for the environment will raise their profile somewhat. It will encourage drivers to lessen their carbon footprint when driving their everyday cars, rather than thrashing out on the accelerator.

The “Think Blue” campaign is an extremely clever strategy that is sure to get consumers thinking of exactly how efficient Volkswagen vehicles are.