The Volkswagen Jetta GLI has some very tough rivals over in America. The midsize sport sedan will go head to head with the likes of Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi and Subaru.


The Jetta GLI is more than just a family car. It has a great amount of power within containing a 2.0 litre TSI turbocharged. It also posses 4 cylinders and is able to achieve 200 brake horse power along with 207 lb-ft of torque. There is a 6 speed manual transmission as well as the option of a 6 speed Direct Shift Gearbox otherwise known as a DSG gearbox.

Excellent rear suspension

The rear suspension within the car has noted for special praise by many expert reviews. The fact that it is included means that the car is effectively that bit more expensive but it is a wonderful feature that a regular Jetta doesn’t contain.


The front and rear brakes provide solid braking with plenty of power. This was perhaps an essential feature given the power that the car possesses.

Safety first

The car has many safety features which naturally enhance it’s attractiveness and it’s reputation for being a family car. These include Traction Control, Anti Slip Regulation (ASR), Engine Braking Assist (EBA), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Electronic Transverse Differential Lock (XDS) as well as Hill assist. Hill hold assist keeps the car steady on hills and will prevent rollback.

MPG stats

According to American measurements, the Volkswagen Jetta is able to achieve 22 MPG for city and urban driving and 33 mph for highway driving (with the 6 speed manual option). The DSG gearbox Jetta version offers 24 MPG for city driving and 32 MPG for motorway driving.


The Volkswagen Jetta is one of the market leader for practicality and space. In that respect the car certainly doesn’t let down. Controls are neatly and perfectly place around the driver’s personal area, making it easy to access.


The car has Bluetooth connectivity ability. Syncing smart phones with the vehicle is made extremely easy this way. There is a 6.5 inch colour touch screen making navigation of the entertainment system very easy. There is a RNS 315 navigation system and a 400 watt fender premium audio system which comes with a powerful subwoofer and eight speakers as an extra.