Volkswagen has sold more than 800,000 passenger vehicles through January and February for the first time ever. Total sales reached 818,000 for the two months of this year. This represents a rise of 8 per cent with 2011 figures reaching 758,000 for the same period.

February sales of Volkswagen Passenger vehicles reached 399,700, resulting in a rise of 17.7 per cent when comparing the same period in 2011 when Volkswagen sold 339,500 passenger cars.

Maintaining strong progress

Christian Klinger, the Board Member for Sales and Marketing for the Volkswagen Group and Passenger Cars spoke at the Geneva motor show about their recent success. “Despite difficult conditions on some markets around the world, the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand continued its excellent development in the first two months of this year. We were able to maintain our brisk pace thanks to our strong, young product range,”


Volkswagen appears to be executing a very smart strategy in targeting markets outside of Europe where there is a current global car crisis.

In the emerging car markets throughout the Asia / Pacific region Volkswagen sold 333,200 vehicles from January to February 2012. This represented a rise of 10.6 per cent.


China and Hong Kong saw sales of Volkswagen passenger vehicles totalling 300,300 which is a 9.5 per cent rise. The period of January and February 2011 saw 301,200 Volkswagen unit sales.


In American continent Volkswagen are making great progress with their reputation enhancing by the day. Volkswagen managed to sell 83,200 vehicles from January to February which bettered the figure of 64,600, a rise of 29.2 per cent. A large majority of these vehicles went to North America with 57,800 being sold in the country which is a rise of 45 per cent.

South America

The South American region recorded sales of 121,000 which was the same sales result as the year before for January and February.


Volkswagen’s European deliveries were down this year by 4.7 per cent with sales reaching just 131,000 this year between January and February and 137,000 last year in the same period.

Volkswagen’s home country of Germany saw sales decrease by 1.1 per cent selling just 85,000 for the first two months of the year. 2011 saw sales of 86,000.

Deliveries to the Central and Eastern European region reported a fantastic rise selling 35,800 this year from January to February compared to the 21,900 of last year.