The Volkswagen Phaeton exposed the company to the luxury high end car market. We take a look at the version that lasted from 2003 right up until it was replaced this year.


The car’s exterior has been greatly compared to the Volkswagen Passat. Similar features of the Passat include the front of the car, where the design appears to be very similar. It is certainly a very large car, standing at 1.9m wide and 5.6m long. The twin exhausts on the back of the car give away the element of power.


Being such a large car, there are tremendous amounts of practicality associated. There is a 500 litre boot which is suitable fit large amounts of luggage. The tallest of people are able to sit in comfort with plenty of leg and room offered.  Although the car is large, the rear and front parking sensors help to perfectly park the car, making that particular task a lot easier.


The Volkswagen Phaeton isn’t designed for those who like accelerate quickly. It’s huge weight and size means it won’t be able to take off like a sports car.  However the car does have a powerful engine to pull such a heavy amount of weight, with a 3 Litre and a 6 Litre available. The 6 Litre has a W12 engine which has also been used in the Bentley Continental. It can develop a huge 444BHP and deliver 413lb/ft of torque.


An incredibly strong feature in the Volkswagen Phaeton, the safety appliances within are truly impeccable. There are eight airbags, electronic stability technology, side impact bars, anti lock brakes and traction control. The car also has a new piece of safety technology named ADC, which stands for Automatic Distance Control. This works alongside the cruise control feature to automatically detect cars in front in order to slow down when needed. This is a very clever feature indeed saves plenty of accidents every year


When sitting inside, you’ll get the feeling that the car is very expensive. From the luxury leather seats to the flooring, everything is made with pure quality. The colour coding makes it pleasant to look at and the ride is sure to be very comfortable.


Overall, it’s a very classy car which is acquired to a particular taste. The Volkswagen Phaeton may set you back a bit, but is certain not to disappoint in terms of driving around in luxury.