Volkswagen’s January sales are at their best for first time since the early 1970’s.

Last month Volkswagen sold 9,354 Volkswagen Jetta sedans and 6,318 Volkswagen Passat’s. The Passat was so good that it was named the Motor trend Car of the year for 2011.

Volkswagen Tiguain

The Volkswagen Tiguan also had a great part to play. The car’s sales were up by 50 %. The diesel model sales increased by 30.2 % thanks to their splendid TDI technology which keep their fuel and environmental efficiency statistics very attractive. This is also represents the way vehicle trends seem to be changing in America, as diesels were never that popular in the past.

Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle did not have it’s trademark effect in America, selling just 1,401 this month. Sales could increase after it’s appearance on the world famous Super Bowl advertisement list.

Jonathon Browning – Preparing for a strong 2012

Jonathon Browning, the President and CEO of Volkswagen Group America said that after a great 2011 for the company it’s good to see them keep up their progress. His exact words were “We ended 2011 strong and are seeing the momentum continue into 2012 with a 47.9 percent increase, demonstrating our growth strategy continues to take root. With the release of our much-anticipated Game Day ad, ‘The Dog Strikes Back,’ our relentless focus on the core pillars of the business, and a full line-up of new and refreshed vehicles, Volkswagen is off to a strong start in 2012.”

Reasonable prices

Previously many believed that the Volkswagen brand was overpriced. Their reputation is second to none throughout Europe but perhaps they got a little ahead of themselves in America. That is all about to change with the brand re assessing their prices and handing out fairer prices.

Canadian Record for Volkswagen

Volkswagen Canada have broken their record for January sales. They have continued their momentum after a record breaking 2011. 3,109 vehciles were sold throughout the country from 135 dealers.

John White, the President and CEO of Volkswagen Group in Canada said that good times are ahead for the company. He said “We are looking forward to a full year of sales of the all-new Passat. The Canadian market is very competitive, and we believe we have solid players in all categories, particularly the Jetta, Golf, and Tiguan.”

The Volkswagen Jetta was once again the top selling car recording a figure of 1,513. A figure of 655 was recorded for the Volkswagen Golf and 316 for the Volkswagen Passat.