Volkswagen has showcased three new vehicles in Malaysia, in an attempt to gain a stronger hold on the market.

The new Volkswagen models in question are the Jetta, Passat and the Touran.

Ricky Tay, the Volkswagen Group Malaysia Managing Director, said that they hope the car’s great value for money will sway customers away from rivals. He was quoted to have said “This is our way of offering Malaysians class-leading products at affordable prices. In a nutshell, this is ‘Das Auto’ or ‘The Car’, as we at Volkswagen sees it. “Here, we believe in smaller displacements that produce more power, torque and the vehicles are manufactured to be environmentally-friendly,”

The Das Auto in which Ricky Tay was referring is a tag line for the company. The environmentally friendliness that he mentioned will certainly prove to go far in attempting to be successful in the Malaysian market.

Bojeng Bari, who is Volkswagen’s General Manager said that the safety aspect of each was a very important factor on the new Volkswagen models. On top of this, design and innovative technology is majorly present amongst all models. He said “Although design and technology play a role in capturing the interest of the public, we have made it a point to place safety as our top priority. As such, we take pride in all three areas, security, technology and design. These will be the key to penetrating the fast-growing market of Sarawak,”

We reviewed the new Volkswagen Passat in one of our earlier blog posts, pointing out the marvellous safety technology which was installed into the vehicle. This includes a fatigue detection warning system and a road sign recognition system.

The Volkswagen Jetta has been described as the safest car in the world according to the company. At the Euro-NCAP safety assessment tests, the car achieved the maximum five star ratings. This was also the case with the Volkswagen Passat.

Some extra safety technology will be added too. This includes a fatigue detection warning system. Road sign recognition technology is also included, which is able to read road signs and display them on the dashboard.

It would appear that the new Volkswagen models are focusing on safety in order to succeed in the Malaysian market. A great way for the car to breakthrough into such a tough market.