Volkswagen is further improving the appeal of the Golf by giving all models leather seats as standard.

The Volkswagen Golf has turned into something of an icon. Its appeal is already huge and remains as one of the nation’s favourite cars. This will certainly come as great news to fans, who may have not needed a further reason to purchase the Golf in the first place.

The GT, GTI, GTD as well as the R model will get leather seats without any extra charge. Previously this option would set you back around £1,890. Drivers looking at these models will also receive Bluetooth connectivity capabilities to their phone. With this, phone calls are able to be made whilst driving with your phone controls being accessed from the steering wheel, which will also be leather, trimmed. This means that drivers will receive over £2,000 worth of extras for free, as Bluetooth would previously cost £255 as an extra feature on the car. However as the GTI, GTD and R models will receive the Bluetooth system for free only. It will cost an extra £140 for the GT model.

There will also be electronically adjustable heated sports seats as standard within the GTI, GTD and R models. The seats are designed to sync drivers in when the car speeds up, giving them a very thrilling driving experience. The R model can also come with Recaro seats, as it is available as an extra.


  • GT: £21,320
  • GTD: £24,635
  • GTI: £25,305
  • R: £31,420

Whereas the hardcore Volkswagen Golf fans may have not needed the extra leather option, it will certainly do its bit to entice motorists who are interested in these particular types of cars. Rivalry within this group is getting closer and closer. Volkswagen has made this move with the idea of the Golf dominating the family hatchback market.

Will this ploy by Volkswagen work? Are leather seats that much of an attractive option? Can it sway customers away from rival cars? In many respects we believe the answer is yes. Leather seats are seen mainly premium cars which says a lot about how much style they give. They are also offer a lot more comfort compared to some of the conventional seating offered.

It’s hard to improve the Volkswagen Golf but every little helps.