The markets of India, Brazil and China are catered for smaller cars.  Volkswagen is looking to build on their recent success within all three countries by introducing a brand new car having variants of 800cc and 1.2 L with the respective car markets.

 Volkswagen small cars in India

Developing small cars specialised for India is a potentially excellent move. The Volkswagen Polo is gathering a fantastic rapport as well as great sales figures in India. The new 800 cc car in question will be based upon the highly anticipated Volkswagen UP model.

There is no official release date for the car at present. It may be displayed next year at the Paris Grand Palais according to automotive rumours.


Volkswagen is taking advantage of the current boom in demand for small cars within these three growing car markets. The new small car in question will come with petrol and diesel variants. The petrol will run a 800cc engine and the diesel will run a 1.2L engine.


 Volkswagen have recently made huge investments in the Indian automotive market. They are moving production of cars destined for the Indian automotive market to India. They plan to localise vehicles making them more attractive to Indians. They will be more competitively priced with labour and parts all coming from the country.


Volkswagen faces tough competition from Maruti and Hyundai for the small car sector. They are the current two bestselling car makers in the country.

Do they need Suzuki?

It appears that Volkswagen can no longer rely upon the Suzuki deal to help aid their development of small cars. The 19.9 % stake in the company seems to mean nothing at present due to a major disagreement.

Many believe that Volkswagen is so good that they do not need the help of Suzuki. By 2018 Volkswagen aims to be the number one car manufacturer in the world by 2018. If they are to do so, they will need to achieve great sales in India, China and Brazil. By the same year Volkswagen are hoping to secure 8 – 10 % of the Indian car market. The Volkswagen Polo as mentioned earlier is already making progress in India. The Volkswagen UP is expected to be the fiercely dominant model within the Indian car market for the company when released.