An exercise was recently carried out which involved 16 people fitting into the Volkswagen Up!

Why is that an interesting piece of news? The Volkswagen Up! Is a city car that will target those who require a small vehicle? It will arrive as the smallest car that Volkswagen has to offer when released. Fitting 16 adults within the car is quite an achievement for a vehicle that is supposed to fit just four people, with two of them sitting in comfort and the other two squeezing in.

It’s certainly an unorthodox method of showcasing the car’s practicality. Volkswagen managed to fit 16 employees in the car after attempting to get in as many people as they possibly could. Other than demonstrating the car’s maximum potential space, the company brought about the element of surprise too with their attempt at an unofficial world record.  No one would have expected 16 people to fit into such a small vehicle.

As mentioned in our previous article about the Volkswagen Up! It is just 354 cm in length and 164 cm in width. How on earth did 16 people manage to fit within the car? Two people managed to squeeze alongside each other in the tiny boot, seven people managed to get into the rear seats of the car, one person was laying on top of the dashboard, two people managed to fit in the passenger foot space and pedal section and four people squeezed in the front two seats with all doors and windows closed.

It’s not the first time that the company has attempted such a record. The older generation Volkswagen Beetle managed to fit 20 people with a newer generation Volkswagen Beetle fitting 27 people inside the car in 2001.

The car is due for release next year. Prices haven’t yet been announced for the UK. In Germany the Up! is said to be released on December 2nd. This may give an indication as to how much it will cost us when it is launched.

The recent experiment was a great marketing stunt by the company which has got plenty of people talking. However it is pretty obvious to state that it will be completely unpractical to drive and carry 15 passengers with you.

Has the stunt improved the profile and increased the anticipation of the Volkswagen Up!? We are not sure but we do think Volkswagen have proved a point in a very unique way.