In another article regarding high Volkswagen sales, we report today that the German company sold over 8 million cars in 2011. Overall that represented a 14 % rise in sales as compared to 2010.

The company are now expecting to face a difficult 12 months as their sales in 2011 reached record highs throughout the world.  An official statement from Volkswagen read that the company delivered 8.156 million vehicles in 2011. Can they continue their momentum? Is there any need to worry?

Beaten Toyota for worldwide sales

They have already overtaken Toyota in terms of worldwide sales, meaning their target for 2018 in on track. Many experts predicted that Volkswagen would take advantage of Toyota’s troubles with the Japanese Earthquakes and the Thailand floods. Toyota managed to sell a very respectable 7.9 million vehicles.

10 million cars per year target

The whole Volkswagen Group aims to eventually produce 10 million cars per year. This would propel them over Toyota and General Motors as the world’s biggest car producer. Some claim that the 2018 target has already been achieved thanks that fact that General Motors include statistics from a joint venture in China.

Toyota are currently the world’s number one automotive producer and have been since knocking General Motors off the top spot in 2008. If growth rates continue into next year the way it did into 2011, Volkswagen could become number one sooner than expected.

Europe – a very difficult market to break

If they are do so, than their performance on the European market needs to be improved. The Euro Zone crisis has meant that the European economy has effectively shrunk. Can the automotive industry overall recover and once again prosper within the European region?

Overall 2011 signalled a brilliant year for German car producers. Gaining stronger market shares in China at the expense of Toyota and Honda have also helped Volkswagen perform brilliantly. The BMW Group also reported excellent sales in China last year.

Everything that Volkswagen is touching at the moment seems to be turning into gold. Their array of new economical models due for this year are sure to make a great impact and help them propel even higher.

(The Volkswagen Group consist of Audi, Skoda, Porsche and SEAT)