Volkswagen has uncovered details about the NILS, a car to be released in the future. More information about the one seater vehicle will be revealed at the Frankfurt motor show in September, when it is unveiled.

A one seater design for the car was chosen as it was revealed that a huge percentage of commuting drivers travel without passengers.  The car’s dimensions are very small, even undersized than the Volkswagen’s current smallest vehicle. Main issues small cars are meeting safety standards. However Volkswagen claims that the car will reach such standards.  The length is just 304cm, with 139cm of width and is 120cm in terms of height.

The design is made practical with doors that open upwards, providing easier access. Despite being a mini sized car, the car will have outstanding 17inch alloy wheels. There is also some space in the boot, good enough to carry essentials.  Layout of the car is very similar to that of a Formula 1 car. The driver will be placed directly in the middle of the car with the engine fitted in the rear of the car.

Many cars being designed for the future will be battery powered, this car is no different. The NILS will not be a car designed with great speed. It will be more a green vehicle to help the environment and save on fuel bills. The vehicles power will be just 34bhp with a full charge bringing about 40 miles worth of driving. It will have a top speed of only 81mph and hit 0-62mph in an enormous 11 seconds. No emissions will be emitted from the car with the engine completely silent.

Despite the car not being that sporty, Volkswagen has said that car will drive like a “sports car”. No power steering will be included as the car is light enough, with a very low kerb weight (just 460kg). The low weight of the car will enhance the flexibility within the driving experience.

Gear settings within the car are very simple. It’s not done by using a conventional gearstick, but by using a button which has 4 different positions.

  • Off
  • Drive
  • Neutral
  • Reverse

A similar interior feature will also be included like the one mentioned on the Up! A device will be included that controls audio, navigation, trip data plus more. To make it more convenient, the device will be made portable.