It has been announced that the new generation Volkswagen Phaeton will be available in 2015. This is the first major rejuvenation of the car since it has been released.

The car hasn’t been as successful as the German car manufacturing giant had originally planned. It hasn’t sold that well, leaving today’s announcement as a bit of a surprise.  Volkswagen appears to be full of hope and optimism in making the Volkswagen Phaeton succeed.

It is said to be engineered in a specific way that leaves the doors open for a plug-in hybrid version in the future. This will be achieved with it being based on MLM (Modular Longitudinal Matrix) Evo.

It is said to be made less of a heavyweight type of car and move away from rivalling vehicles such as the BMW 7 Series. It will have a much lighter kerb weight and therefore have improved dynamics. Volkswagen will place the car in the same category between the luxury Audi A6 and A8.

The Volkswagen Phaeton was not introduced at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show as planned, with different developments from the company showcased instead. The current version has been pulled from the American market, with the new version paving way for a glorious comeback. Can it succeed on both sides of the Atlantic?

There could be a hatchback variant of the car, which may appeal to a different type of market. A good idea? Some will have to be convinced that re-releasing the original version is indeed worthwhile.

When we hear of a new concept car in the making, what do we usually expect the company to say about the car? It is not uncommon to hear of improved handling and performance. Those are improvements have already been highlighted, along with an improvement on efficiency. If motorists are to be convinced about the new version, it has to be said that the car must improve dramatically in terms of fuel efficiency and damaging the environment as minimally as possible.

However most details about the car are merely speculation at present. It is not quite known what the car will look like yet either, with just sketches being produced.

Being developed under a code name “VW631”, the company will hope that the Volkswagen Phaeton will be much more successful than the current one.