The Volkswagen Golf has been an iconic car for a number of years now. It’s known to many as a very classy and practical and car. A worldwide phenomenon the car can seemingly do no wrong. It’s perhaps the most in demand family car available.

Many fans around the world will be pleased by the new about a new Mark VII. Apparently it is on its way in 2012. However it could be released at a later date with the current model selling very well as the previous Golf was only released in 2009.

Sneak peaks

Recent pictures across the internet show the new GTI version, with the car looking very promising indeed. Although the car was covered up, signs were given away that Volkswagen intends to make their GTI more sporty looking.

What to expect

All 6 previous generations have failed to disappoint with all of them living up to great expectations.  The 7th induction into the Golf library is supposed to be best yet (exactly what has been said about every other version)

If it’s not broken then why fix it? The Golf has always refused to standstill, always moving on with great success. What’s great about each new generation of the Golf is that the car still manages to keep its identity whilst having improvements on the body shape.

This doesn’t change with the generation 7 version. Volkswagen has previously released images of how the new Golf will be designed. It displays the same characteristics with a slighter sportier look.

With every new development, car manufactures have attempted to make their cars greener and more fuel efficient. Volkswagen have one of the most advanced technologies in the form of Bluemotion.  It is has the capability of delivering cars that are very eco-friendly cars and the new Golf is expected to have very environmentally friendly features with a high mpg rating.

Automatic parking along with tools that recognise traffic signs are expected to included on all models. An advanced satellite navigation system will also be included.

In terms of practicality, the room within the boot and the legroom behind gives you a lot more room.

In terms of the GTI, the car is expected to contain less curb weight with either a 6 speed dual clutch Direct Shift Gearbox or as a 6 speed manual.