Earlier this year we heard that the Volkswagen Tiguan is to receive a major rejuvenation since 2008.

Many maybe surprised as to just how popular the car actually is. Within the Volkswagen’s range, sales are behind the Golf, Polo and Passat, with 8,000 sold every year.  Can the makeover bring above rivals such as the Nissan Qashquai?

The selection of engines will be quite interesting too. Both petrol and diesels versions will have their own particular strengths that suit different drivers. There will be a 138bhp 2.0 Litre diesel along with a 168bhp version too. Three petrol versions will also be available, with the lowest end producing 148bhp and the most powerful version producing 197bhp. In between there will be a 168bhp version.

There will be both 2WD and 4WD versions of the car. Many experts, who have already experienced driving the vehicle, have said the 2WD version provides a better driving experience. There is great grip on the road with the car taking corners pretty well.

There will be many different variants of the models which all add various different equipment and touches throughout. With all models as standard however, you’ll get climatic air conditioning, electric door mirrors, a complete airbag system, brake assist, a multi operational on board computer plus much more.

The Volkswagen Tiguan will hope to target modern day families who desire practicality and comfort. As the current model is renowned for its great flexibility within, it comes as no surprise that this model has further improved. Off road credentials is also a great feature about the car, with various outdoor trips able to be enjoyed with such a vehicle.


It seems like a major step in making Volkswagen a major player in the 4×4 market, overtaking rivals such as the Toyota RAV4. It’s certainly a tough market to crack; with one in every fourteen cars sold in the UK is a car in this exact type of category.

It comes with a strong reputation within the UK market. It doesn’t drink petrol like many other 4×4’s are known to do. It’s an easy car to operate with the driver not feeling intimidated by manoeuvring or controlling the car.

You’ll able to grab a Volkswagen Tiguan for just £21,085 when it is made available in 2012.

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