One of the nation’s most recognisable cars, the Volkswagen is set to hit the market next year. The car is an icon from previous generations, with the company attempting to modernise it for the latest eras.  The first and second generation were both a major success with over 22million sold.

The latest instalment will have a lot to live up to. We take a look at a few features of the new Beetle.


The car has always been renowned as more of a feminine car. However it appears with the third generation, Volkswagen appears to address these issues to broaden the car’s appeal to males. The car has got bigger and lower too. Boot space is almost twice as large. The car has also been lowered by 12mm and is 152mm longer and 84mm wider. A tail spoiler has also been added.


The extra space on the outside has allowed the car to be a lot more spacious on the inside. It has been mentioned that a sports version of the car will have attractive two toned leather seats.


The car is able to have its badge name changed, so the word “Beetle” doesn’t have to be on the back on the car. Different parts of the world have a different name for the car. Owners will be able to select one of those names, for example “Bug” as it’s known in America could the badge placed on the car.


The car is hardly known for having extreme power but is more car of style. However the performance in the car has improved. Experts who have had the chance to drive the car have said the driving is very sharp and handles extremely well. The 2.0 Litre TSI has a DSG gearbox, bring about smooth transitions of gears.  The car could be able to reach 0-60mph in just 7.5 seconds.



  • 1.2 TSI – 104 BHP
  • 1.4 TSI – 158BHP
  • 2.0 TSI 197BHP


  • 1.6 Bluemotion – 104 BHP

The diesel version will have Volkswagen’s latest technology in keeping car’s fuel efficient and eco-friendly, named Bluemotion.

New features of the car

Never seen before extras are now available with the Beetle. These include LED daytime running lights, bi-xenon headlights, satnav and keyless access along with a panoramic sunroof.

Details of the Beetle

  • Price: Starting from £15,000 to £25,000
  • Release date: Early 2012
  • Top speed: 139mph
  • Economy: 36.7mpg – C02 179g/km