It’s what’s inside that counts, and the Vauxhall concept car is very proud of what they have inside.

Vauxhall have previewed their GT car’s interior ahead of its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year. We’ve already seen the exterior of the two-seat coupé concept which Vauxhall have described as “a template for future sports car,” and it includes ultra-modern, flowing lines and a fixed roof. It is so toned down, aiming to be “avant-garde” that it doesn’t even use door handles or exterior mirrors.

Vauxhall GT reveal what’s inside ahead of motor show debutAmongst the features, Vauxhall a new infotainment system which Vauxhall have said can be operated purely by voice control, but, in case the robots rise against us, a touchpad controller is included as a backup. The voice controlled system is alleged as being able to learn a driver’s habits and adapt to their needs, and can even respond vocally to commands. So if you get road-rage, your car might be able to calm you down now. Vauxhall says its Human-Machine Interface can choose appropriate music for passengers, which we assume means selecting age appropriate music if kids are in the car.

Perhaps the car’s most striking design feature is the large doors, with side windows that integrate into the body of the car without the need for conventional sills. They are opened by touch pads mounted in the roof in the red signature line, which flows on from the red front tyres, along the tops of the wings and over the roof onto the rear, enclosing a see-through roof. Speaking about the visually striking design of the car, Vauxhall-Opel design chief Mark Adams commented on the difficulty in “reinvent[ing] iconic concepts like these, but just as each of them was avant-garde back then, so is this GT Concept today. It’s pure and minimalistic, yet bold and uncompromising.” Speaking proudly of the car, Adams added that he feels it “impressively demonstrates the continuous development of our design philosophy.”

We previously wrote about Vauxhall Chairman and Managing Director Rory Harvey declaring the GT concept car an indicator of what the “company stands for now” an “ambitious and confident brand that [is] not frightened to innovate” and these teasers certainly suggest that the brand are going to deliver on these promises.