Volkswagen has recently revealed what the new edition of the Caddy will look like at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The latest edition is being released to celebrate its 30th anniversary. It was shown as a concept car and will be put into production in 2012, which is the anniversary year. This comes after the Volkswagen Golf’s 35th anniversary this year.

The Volkswagen Caddy was originally released back in 1982. Considered a small van, more than 1.5 million have been sold. The price of this version is yet to be confirmed by Volkswagen.

It has evolved in a fascinating way since it was first made. Its origins were based on the first Volkswagen Golf. From there it slowly became more of a family orientated van and hasn’t looked back since.

What’s been special about the car is that throughout it’s time is that it has kept Volkswagen’s integral features whilst being a van at the same time.  The 30th edition symbolises that type of philosophy with some great touches all over. It’s a limited edition, with 17 inch alloys. The roof is black in with a white exterior paint everywhere else. White won’t be the only colour available however. It has been mentioned that the van will also come in Reflex Silver, Sunny Yellow and Primavera Green.

The interior also has some attractive features too. There is a leather handbrake and gearstick along with semi-automatic climate control. Alacantara upholstery will give out the impression of class throughout the interior as tinted windows will bring about style and privacy. Owners will a choice to choose five or seven seat layout within the cabin before they purchase the car.

There is set to be available in both petrol and diesel and have four different engine specifications available with the Volkswagen Caddy.  Currently the most powerful version is being displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It has a DSG automatic transmission, 2.0 litre TDI 170bhp and 350Nm of torque.

Volkswagen is really celebrating the 30th anniversary of the van in style. They seem to have really pushed the boat with this latest edition.

The Volkswagen Caddy shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon and will continue one of the best vehicles in its class.