The Frankfurt 2011 will be the showcase for the premier of the Volkswagen Up!. The company, who are Europe’s number one car manufacturer, will release the car as their first “City” car. It is expected to be released into the European market in December this year.


One of the main selling points is the size of the vehicle. Measuring just 3.54m in length and 1.64m in width, the Up! will be one of the smallest 4 seater vehicles in Europe.


The vehicle will contain a three cylinder petrol engine. Volkswagen has also stated that an electric version of the car will also be released at some point. There are two outputs from the engine, the 60BHP and the 75BHP. The 60BHP is the most economical version, offering C02 emissions of under 100g/km.

There will be three different versions of the car available:

  • Take up! (Entry Level)
  • Move up! (Comfort Level)
  • High Up! (Top Range)

Standard features on the car

The car will contain an onboard device named the PID (Personal Infotainment Device). It will be detachable and will have literally everything the driver will need. This includes navigation, entertainment and telephone capabilities within a single screen.

A five speed manual gearbox will be installed to all cars. An optional dual-clutch automatic version will be available further down the line.

New safety technology within

The Volkswagen up! will include a City Emergency Braking system. This will dramatically reduce the possibility of accidents. A laser sensor will detect any potential collisions and will stop the car automatically when the car is travelling less than 18mph.

The main rivals

The car will rival the Hyundai i10 and the Fiat Panda.

How much and when can I buy one?

The price of the Volkswagen Up! will be around £8,000 and will be available in January next year.

Reasons why it could be successful

When available, the car will be one the most spacious city cars available. Volkswagen has said that there will be 251 litres of boot space. The rear seats can be folded to add an extra 700 litres of space.

The price tag is very appealing, with the car coming from a more prestigious and reputable manufacturer than its rivals.