A-history-of-the-VW-camper-Part-ThreeToday we conclude our look back at the history of the VW camper van. Picking up where we left off – back in…


This was the year that saw engine size increased still further to 1500cc from the original 1200cc – the sliding door was made available as an option.


The split screen models ended their production run – 1,477,330 buses of this style had been manufactured.

1968 – The Bay

Replacing the split-screen was the ‘early bay’. This was quite a sizable redesign of the camper. Major suspension changes were implemented, and the engines had a ‘back bar’ stabiliser added. Also changed were the front windscreen, which became one-piece; and the windows, which became wind-able.


The early seventies saw the ‘Late Bay’ introduced. This saw the familiar ‘wrap around’ style bumpers replaced with a square style; front indicators were moved to the new grille, and a range of larger engine sizes were made available (1600cc, 1700cc, 1800cc and 2000cc) – this dramatically increased the overall reliability of the buses.

The Late Bays also debuted a whole stack of new safety features; including superior brakes, a crumple zone plus a reinforced passenger cell.

A variety of companies – Devon, Viking, Danbury, Dormobile and Westfalia – took to converting the Late Bays into campervans. Each offered a differently designed interior configuration for sleeping, storage and cooking. There were also a range of different style roofs ranging from the straight up vertical pop-top, to front, side and rear hinging.


The last bay was manufactured. This was also the last of the famous VW air-cooled engines; replaced in favour of the new generation of campers that would feature water cooled engines.


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