Blog 3

For a considerable part of its long history, Volkswagen was firmly wedded to rear wheel drive technology. It was only when the German car giant purchased NSU and Audi at the end of the 1960s, that attention was turned toward front wheel drive. The 1974 Golf was the car that kicked it off and it’s true to say the company never looked back.

The K70 was Volkswagen’s first FWD car. It was originally to be launched under NSU, they had developed it after-all, but VW saw its significance and stuck their own moniker on the front instead.

Fairly boxy in appearance, the K70 was designed to be a smaller sibling to the R080 to which it bears a resemblance. Sales wise, the car didn’t perform fantastically when launched, but it retains a small and devoted fan base to this day.

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