After many years of hard work and popular service, 1968 saw the Volkswagen Transporter given a deserved overhaul and thorough reworking. The second generation, imaginatively called the Type 2, was designed with the futuristic 1970s in mind and yet it still retained the looks and style of the T1 now firmly established in the public’s affections.

The most noticeable change was the windscreen which was now a single piece without a divider; this earned it the nickname of the ‘Bay Window’.

Visibility was improved – because of the window – as was the drive quality thanks to more refined suspension. The first T2s were powered by 1584cc air-cooled flat four but later editions (1971) were upgraded to 1679cc, when disc brakes were also added. When European production finally ceased in 1978, the Camper was powered by a 1970cc engine but was still relatively underpowered.

These days, the T2 Campers have claimed a rightful place amongst the classics and are plentiful in number as a result. Definitely classed as a ‘cool’ vehicle, T2s can be found at festivals and gatherings the world over. Production finally came to a halt in Brazil in 2013 – the final batch reaching the UK the following year.

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