The new Volkswagen Passat CC has had a major facelift ahead of its appearance at the Los Angles Motor Show.

It looks a lot more modern, sporty with a number of exciting features added.

Enhanced looks

The front of the car has a newly designed front bumper and grille. It helps keep the car’s family image whilst adding some class too. The newly headlights at the front of the car are nicely design too, looking classy and blending into the car perfectly. They have a cool LED specific design which brings the car in line with the look of many Audi models. The side sills have also been revamped too giving the car a more updated look.

The alloy wheels stand out in spectacular fashion. They are large and look very intimidating in a good way.

New interior option

Inside the cabin, you’ll get the new option of having a brown trim. The previous rear seating option of having two rear seats or three is still available.

New gadgets

Some extra safety technology will be added too. This includes a fatigue detection warning system. Road sign recognition technology is also included, which is able to read road signs and display them on the dashboard.

The seats will have a massage option too.

A neat feature added to the Volkswagen Passat CC is the “Easy Open” system. This allows the car the driver to wave their foot underneath the car in order for the boot to open. This unique feature will add to the car’s practicality attributes by quite a bit.

No engine changes

As far as the engines are concerned, there are no changes. No mechanical and engineering enhancements have been made to increase performance or the handling.  This means the same two 2.0 TDI diesel variants are offered which can produce 138 BHP or 158 BHP. The petrol engine choices remain as the 1.8 litre, 2.0 litre and the 3.6 litre V6.

Very little price difference

Considering this the prices will not be increased by that much. Current prices range from £23,630 to £34,360 for the highest level trim.

We believe that the car will be very popular, as the last model was.  Many wouldn’t bet against a new Volkswagen performing well nowadays. The new Volkswagen Passat CC is due for customer delivery in March.