For its glamorous and respectable reputation, the Volkswagen Beetle has mainly been purchased by women throughout its lifetime.

Although this type of strategy hasn’t necessarily failed, Volkswagen appears to be directing the latest generation towards the male market too.  Does it make sense to break the car away from its current reputation? Will it actually make more sales? Either way some experts claim it’s a brave move by Volkswagen.

As mentioned in the previous article  the new generations has gone through plenty of changes. This includes the car being made slightly wider, a smaller windshield and a roofline that appears to be flatter. This gives the car a more aggressive look and a more masculine look overall.

Some reviews has described the new design as removing the previous “cartoon” image which the car had. The new design certainly appears to be one element in which Volkswagen are trying to make more appealing to male drivers.

You’ll not only get a sportier look with the new Volkswagen Beetle, but there will be much improved practicality, thanks to the changes. There is improved head room inside as the bubble shaped roof has gone, with more sitting space thanks to the wider dimensions. The turbocharged 200BHP engine option offered will widely appeal to males too. It’s a four cylinder that is also used to run GTI models. In general more powerful cars have a better market for males. Will revving the Volkswagen off the line really attract men to purchase one? Will they feel comfortable driving at speed in the car with the reputation that it has?

There is also an option of an improved sound system, according to some American reports.  Perhaps this is just a natural improvement, but will it help change the cars reputation?

The Volkswagen Beetle has gone through many different stages through its lifetime. At first, it was known as a cheap affordable automobile, with it evolving into something of a fashionable icon. The 2012 generation is hoping to take a step in another direction altogether. Although the car has seen so many changes, it remarkably always kept its identity.

Will the new changes to the Volkswagen Beetle bring about a more masculine market and remove the stigma? Either way history suggests that female fans are sure to snap it up.