Paris-Motor-Show-2016-VW-to-unveil-next-generation-EVVolkswagen is to preview its new generation of electric vehicles at the forthcoming 2016 Paris Motor Show. The company have gone on record to say that the car “is as revolutionary as the Beetle was seven years ago.” Not much information has been released regarding the new concept, but a modular platform is likely to be used, specifically designed for electric vehicles.

This would seem to mean that Volkswagen are intent on releasing a number of different pure EVs over the next few years – we can expect small hatchbacks, family vehicles and crossovers, all following the same fundamental underpinnings. The platform, being designed for EVs straight from the drawing board, will lend itself to better packaging, more interior space, and larger batteries leading to greater ranges.

Volkswagen has been releasing teaser images of the car very sparingly, so there’s not too much detail on what we can expect from the upcoming editions. It appears that a certain degree of styling has been borrowed from the Golf, which is a starting point for VW in terms of size. A 2020 release is currently being touted by the carmaker for the new generation to start hitting showrooms. It’s expected the model we see then will have a range comparable with both petrol and diesel engines.

The new fleet of cars will include a wide range of cutting edge technology, including a semi-autonomous ability. This will result in the car being able to pretty much drive by itself on motorways and dual carriageways. Full details of what we can truly expect will be released at the Paris Motor Show starting on the 29th September.

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