Volkswagen Australia has decided to add a limited edition Runner model to their Caddy and Transport range.

Essentially this is a method of offering customers a cheaper way of purchasing a commercial vehicle. However this offer is limited as the Volkswagen Caddy Runner and the Transport Runner will have around 200 to 350 models made in total. The Caddy Runner will cost $19,990 whereas the Transport Runner will cost $29,990. That’s a considerable price drop from the original starting prices of the vehicles.

So what’s the difference? Not much really, each Runner the interior material used for the seats is understandably a lesser quality. The Runner models still contain a great deal of equipment including electronic stability control, daytime running lights, manual air conditioning, hill hold assist and plenty more.

The latest version of the Caddy will have a 1.2 litre petrol engine. As standard there will be a five speed manual transmission. All in all the economy figures are quite respectable.

The Transport Runner on the other hand will have a 2.0 litre diesel engine together with a five speed manual engine. Economy figures are again very respectable.

Both Runner models will comes with a three year warranty, no matter what the mileage may be, a wonderful gesture by Volkswagen in anyone’s books.

The Volkswagen Caddy itself is the bestselling vehicle in it’s category. In 2012 so far there have been 1,049 sales of the van, meaning there is a 54.8 per cent share sold.

The Volkswagen Transporter is also a popular vehicle, selling 806 so far in 2012. However it is not one of the market leaders in terms of it’s own category. Ahead of it is the Hyundai iLoad and the Toyota HiAce

For those in Australia who can’t wait, the Caddy and the Transporter is now available in showrooms throughout the country. There are only a limited number available, with customers being urged to act fast if they want one.  Both vehicles represent great value with the great amount of equipment that comes with it. We are sure that those Special edition Volkswagen  Caddy Runner’s and Transport Runner’s will be sold out in no time, considering that they are simply cheaper version of what are great vehicles.