Volkswagen is the largest car manufacturer in Europe but is not as strong across the Atlantic. They have been making great strides in the United States recently however, as the new Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen shows.

Sporty and economical

It has been described by experts as a sporty and economical type of vehicle, a perfect match in anyone’s book. The vehicle is expected to be a major factor in helping the company revive their fortunes in the United States.

Engine options with the Jetta SportWagen

The new Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen will appear in the 2014 range and named as a 2015 model. It looks more ‘defined’ rather than shapely, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Engine wise we can expect the 2.0 litre TDI turbo-diesel to make a comeback. The 1.8 litre four cylinder turbocharged engine is also expected to be upon the list of options.

Sales increase

There were 1,570 of the current model sold in January this year alone. That has beaten January of last year by a huge 37 per cent.

Europe v America

Here in Europe it will be labelled as a variant of the Volkswagen Golf. It will come with engine stop-start and also include an engine with BlueMotion technology. It will be able to power up to a maximum of 110 BHP. Its BlueMotion label is expected to help the vehicle achieve 50 MPG. The European version will be big on safety. Extra features will include City Emergency Braking, Automatic Distance Control, a PreCrash system, Driver Alert and Dynamic Light Assist plus much more.

In America the vehicle will get all wheel drive variants. That suits the American market better, a strategy which Volkswagen has been carried out for some time. American’s prefer space and more practicality. There will be a great deal of space within the vehicle.

It has been decided by Volkswagen that America is not ready for BlueMotion technology just yet. They have however expanded their diesel range. The country is becoming more and more conscious of the fuel costs. Previously diesels were not at all popular but now they are slowly but surely making their way onto the American market.

VW at Geneva Motor Show

The Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen will be released at the Geneva Motor Show. Official Images were beforehand however to create greater interest. We believe the car will do well on both sides of the Atlantic.