The Volkswagen Polo saloon has been launched in the Middle East. It’s the latest addition from the German company who already have various other saloon vehicles on the market, including the Passat and the Jetta. The line-up of saloons are now said to be complete.

The new saloon has been placed on the market under a great price tag. The target market may find the vehicle hard to resist considering it’s extremely competitive price.

The car runs on a 1.6 litre engine capable of producing 105 BHP with a 6 speed automatic transmission. That’s not a bad amount of power considering the class of the car. As standard there are 15 inch alloy wheels. The keyless entry system is another plus, a feature you would only really see on a select few passenger cars in the market.

Safety is clearly a big issue for Volkswagen. Equipment included ABS and dual airbags for both the driver and passenger.
Marcus Butros, the Sales Director for Volkswagen Middle East said the Polo Sedan combines the elements of great German engineering along with the highest levels of comfort and superb driving characteristics.

The Volkswagen Polo Saloon was built in the company’s Indian factory based in Prune. The factory opened in 2009 and is one of Volkswagen’s most important modern factories. It is the only German plant in India. They cover all processes of car production, from being in the press shop, body and paint shop and towards the final assembly.

Volkswagen Polo’s are typically a vehicle designed for first time drivers. The saloon version was released in the Middle East in order to attract those who wanted an affordable vehicle that displays a great deal of quality German engineering. Volkswagen believes that their sales volume for the next following years will easily get larger and larger.

Many will be impressed by the Volkswagen Polo’s great style. It has a look of elegance with a great deal of class too. The chrome features upon the front end help emphasis how classy the car is. From every angle the car looks quite attractive. The small size wheels look somewhat aggressive considering the way the car has been styled.

The boot space is quite large, making it a practical car too. There is 455 litres of space in total which is enough space for a large family shop.
Will the Volkswagen Polo Saloon be released here in the UK?