vwVolkswagen has showcased their new SUV at the Detroit Motor Show named CrossBlue. We won’t get to see the vehicle here in the UK unfortunately; it has been set for the United States and Canada only if it makes it to production.

In the Volkswagen line-up, the vehicle will in between the Volkswagen Tiguan and the Touareg within the SUV category.

The CrossBlue itself contains a very sophisticated engine hybrid setup, with a TDI engine and two electric motors. The DSG transmission adapts perfectly to the engine. Altogether the vehicle is able to achieve 134.5 MPG with its electric all-wheel drive system. In electric mode the car is able to travel 21 miles.

The Volkswagen CrossBlue will come as a refreshing change to the American car market considering that America have a great deal of inefficient engines. Electric powered vehicles have not taken off as well as many have expected. Many believe that the technology is ahead of its time, as represented by the price tag. Volkswagen has produced a great vehicle in the CrossBlue which can hopefully meet demands halfway, rather than being too far on one side.

Production still undecided

If this concept vehicle does not make it to production, it will go a long way in helping to influence the future of Volkswagen SUV’s.

VW of America President and CEO Jonathan Browning said, “The CrossBlue concept is exactly the right type of vehicle for the U.S. market. It combines a truly versatile interior layout with sophisticated Volkswagen design, to give a unique and supremely stylish offering in this segment. Moreover, the vehicle showcases our innovative German powertrain engineering and the bandwidth of the new MQB architecture.”

The car contains the MQB platform beneath. This newly designed system by Volkswagen was brought about to save costs and to simplify the brand. All brands such as SEAT, Skoda and Audi will be brought together more tightly.

Design wise the car looks magnificent. The crystal blue coloured exterior along with the magnificent large looking wheels make the car look very attractive. The CrossBlue isn’t so slow either. It can hit a total of 300 BHP, reaching 0 – 62 MPH in only 7.2 seconds.

We’ll have to wait and see as to whether the car makes it to production.