Tim Mahoney, a well respected member of the Volkswagen Group will attend the Motor Press Guild (MPG) meeting in Los Angeles. He will speak about Volkswagen’s plans in the United States and they intend to build on the success of last year.

Mr Mahoney is Volkswagen’s Executive Vice President and Chief Product and Marketing Officer for Volkswagen America. His role is fundamental is helping Volkswagen achieve success in the United States. Currently Volkswagen is the one car provider in Europe.

If they are to emulate their success across the Atlantic they must focus on different types of marketing strategies in the United States. The German car giant has since confirmed that they will adopt a different type of marketing strategy. Rather than branding their vehicles with the German phrases “Fahrvergnugen” and “Das Auto”, they will focus on making their vehicles a more American type of vehicle.

Volkswagen has however performed wonders in the United States. The whole Volkswagen Group has grown by quite a large margin. Volkswagen America reported the best July since the year 1973 with sales increasing by 34.1 per cent when comparing the previous July. Year to date growth equals 34.1 per cent.

Volkswagen wants to sell 800,000 cars by the year 2018. A $4 billion investment will help achieve that target.
There is also another major goal of the Volkswagen Group in the year 2018. They want to become the world’s number one car provider, ahead of General Motors. Many predicted that they would achieve that target sooner than expected, in 2011. General Motors beat them to 1st place with Volkswagen having to settle for 2nd place. Toyota, 2010’s number one was put down to third place.

Laura Burstein, the President of Motor Press Guild said that “With VW in competition with both Toyota and GM for the global sales crown, it will be interesting to learn first-hand some of the plans for achieving its aggressive growth goals in North America,”
Tim Mahoney has great experience in the field. He worked in a similar role for Subaru, proving to be a major success.
Motor Press Guild is the biggest automotive media union in the United States. They currently have 800 members plus. Mr Mahoney’s appearance at the event will give Volkswagen great exposure and is the best way to let the country’s media the plans of the Volkswagen Group.