Volkswagen America has come out on top in the quality index ratings. The survey was carried out in by Strategic Vision, the industry analyst in the United States. Volkswagen beat Ford to the top spot. Chrysler was in third spot just behind Ford.

The poll took into consideration problems of the vehicle reported by owners along with what the owners thinks of the vehicle.
Toyota was the most reliable brand coming out on top for the number of problems reported by owners. The Lexus brand was considered part of the

Toyota ratings, as were Audi with Volkswagen. Volkswagen owners felt that their vehicles gave a higher impression of quality compared to Toyota.
This is just the bit of news that Volkswagen needs. Currently they are struggling a great deal to break into the USA market. They are Europe’s largest car producer and number two in the world, but they are not making such a great impact in America.

They have improved over the past year, with sales of the Passat rising a great deal. They have discussed changing their market strategy to being more “American”. Rather than displaying themselves as a pure German brand, Volkswagen will use American phrases rather than German.
Previous polls saw Volkswagen near the other end of the scale. A Vehicle Dependability Report in 2012 saw Audi finish with points below the industry average. Volkswagen was seventh from bottom in that poll leaving them with a poor reputation at the time. The 2012 Initial Quality Study which saw Volkswagen drop all the way to fourth spot.

Just like Europe, Volkswagen’s major strengths centre on their passenger cars. The Volkswagen Golf and the Audi A4 are both leaders within their particular categories for this year’s Quality Index Rating. The Audi A8, the Volkswagen Eos and the Volkswagen Tiguan also achieved the same feat.
Pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles are a popular type of vehicle within the American car market. Ford were dominant in that respect with the Ford Flex, the Ford F150 and the F350 coming out on top.

Chrysler saw the Fiat 500, Dodge Charger and the Jeep Grand Cherokee finish top within their particular segments. The Honda Accord Crosstour came out on top but the other major Japanese company, Toyota, failed to finish on top for any of it’s segments.
Volkswagen America will see their reputation slightly improve after their performance in the quality poll.