Classic-VW-Beetle100-converted-to-electricAs the electric car revolution gathers pace, spare a thought for the gas-guzzling classics from yesteryear, trapped forever in their eco-unfriendly guises, slowly to become alienated as bit by bit the motoring world turns green.

The company ‘Electric Classic Cars’ have done just that, as their name suggests, their aim is to take fantastic cars designed in years gone by, and ‘electrify’ them. They restore them to their original beauty, but also remove the drivetrain for an emissions free alternative.

The picture above shows a classic VW Beetle that’s been fitted with a 22kw battery pack (split in two, one in the front, and one in the back), and regenerative braking. This gives the vehicle a range of about 100 miles per charge, a distance standard with the majority of Electric Classic Car’s conversions.

The Beetle’s transformation to electric has resulted in more power and more acceleration. Therefore there have had to be some minor alterations to both the suspension and brakes. The interior though, is pretty much how it was when it first rolled out of the factory.

The company’s website talks of an average top speed of around 100 mph for most of its conversions, although travelling at this speed for longer durations of time would inevitably cause the car’s overall range between charges to drop drastically.

The price of the VW is not specified, although rumour has it that anyone wanting to get their hands on the Beetle would be parting with upwards of £25,000. With the model’s enduring popularity, there’s sure to be a few willing to pay it.

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