VW-solve-dirty-reverse-cameras-with-ingeniously-simple-fixThe VW ‘Dune’ – which is a special edition of the iconic Beetle – is a fun car to drive. It has a fantastic audio system, plenty of zip, and for £21,300 you’re not breaking the bank, considering what you’re getting for your money.

It also has a highly innovative answer to a problem that’s dogged vehicles’ reversing cameras since the technology became commonplace in our cars. When bad weather kicks in, as we’re now starting to see with the onset of autumn, the handy little cameras that tell us how much space we’ve got behind us when reversing get clogged up with all kinds of dirt, grime and wet-weather unpleasantness. The Dune however, won’t have this particular problem because of a clever little feature incorporated into the design. It’s a feature the driver will never actually see, but he or she will certainly hear it when it plays its ingeniously simple part.

Once the driver puts the Beetle into reverse, the backing camera activates and you can view what’s coming up behind you. What you’re not seeing though, is this happening:


That’s right, at the rear of the car, the famous VW logo flips to reveal the new home of the backing camera. Once you’ve come to a standstill, it flips once again stowing the camera back in its winter weather proof sanctuary. Because the camera is always covered – the logo plate acts as a roof when open – it stays clean.

Simple, but devastatingly effective…

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