VW-to-push-Beetle-into-the-electric-eraAt the Paris Motor Show currently underway in the French capital, Volkswagen AG has been outlining its electric car strategy. In ambitious proposals to truly bring electric vehicles to the masses, the German car maker has announced plans involving dozens of new models, and driving ranges further than anything we’ve seen so far.

On Thursday, the company will display their revolutionary new battery powered hatchback concept, the I.D., which is capable of doubling the driving range set by Tesla’s Motors Inc.’s Model 3 sedan.

Instead of adapting a current model from their stable, the new electric vehicle has been built around a specialised platform, which is a major commitment with regards to financial and engineering resources.

Volkswagen is determined to succeed with their electric car plans; the company has suffered badly following the emissions scandal, with legal costs and fines totally tens of billions of pounds. The company sees the new direction in electric car technology as having the same groundbreaking impact as the VW Beetle, when it first stunned the motoring world in the 1940s, going on to dominate globally for the next fifty years.

To make electric cars more appealing to the public, automakers are using the Paris show to promote their longer range models. Renault is displaying an upgraded version of the Zoe, which has a higher range then the previous incarnation. The VW car being displayed will have a top range of 370 miles on a fully charged battery. This makes the 214 set by Tesla’s Model 3 pale into comparison.

VW has to balance its electric car development alongside its fire fighting of the emissions scandal. The company has set aside 17.8 billion Euros for the raft of costs that continue to mount by the day.

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