Volkswagen, Europe’s number one car brand and the world’s number two have surprisingly been struggling this year. They have therefore decided to cut their internal sales target for 2012 by a massive 150,000 units. If Volkswagen is feeling the pinch of the Euro Zone crisis, what hope is there for brands such as Renault, Peugeot and Vauxhall?

Originally their figure was supposed to reach the 250,000 mark for the whole of Europe. A Volkswagen Europe statement dismissed any signs of a struggle by saying “We are still doing well. We are growing. But we have always said the coming months will be challenging. Because of this we will make adjustments here and there.”

Officially the lowering of the targeted sales figure has been confirmed but Volkswagen have not stated by exactly how much. Rumours have also speculated on Volkswagen’s worldwide sales target, which has not yet been confirmed. According to sources, Volkswagen had originally aimed to 9.4 million vehicles around the world this year. This has been reportedly scaled back by 300,000. European sales minus Western Europe had to see it’s sales target cut by 250,000 vehicles. Volkswagen has denied both instances of speculation.

Despite the recent negative press, Volkswagen is on track to surpassing General Motors this year and claiming that number one spot. Last year Volkswagen finished second but was ahead of Toyota, 2010’s number one spot holder. By 2018, Volkswagen hopes to be the undisputed number one in the world. By then they believe that they will be able to sell 10 million vehicles annually worldwide. 800,000 of those are expected to be sold in America by that year. In 2011 Volkswagen hit the number two spot by selling 8.36 million. Some believe that if certain facts and figures were officially considered which were disregarded, Volkswagen should have hit that number one spot.

Despite the fall in projected sales, Volkswagen will not follow the action of Vauxhall and subsequently drop working hours or cut staff. They are in a much stronger position compared to all passenger car brands.  Their sales are quite strong in the likes of China and the United States of America.  Many cars sold here are locally made too.

This will prove just a minor blip we believe. Volkswagen still remains the strongest car brand in Europe by a country mile.