volkswagen-golfThe Volkswagen Golf has been named the European car of the Year. The best selling Volkswagen model won in convincing fashion too. The seventh generation Golf managed to secure 414 points from a total of 58 judges.

Shocking second place

That perhaps was not the most shocking news of the evening. In second place came the recently released GT86 coupe from Toyota. It  managed to secure a total of 202 points. The impressive Volvo V40 scored 189 points. The points accumulated by these two were in stark contrast compared to the eventual winner, which scored more than double the GT86.

What surprised many was that the GT86 is a rear wheel drive sports car. These types of vehicles have not always been favoured highly by judges in major car award ceremonies. Perhaps this represents the diversity of the awards and how much they are modernizing.

A great history with the awards

Dr Ulrich Hackenberg was on hand to accept the award at the ceremony. The Golf has now won this award twice, being only the second car to do so. The Renault Clio achieved the same feat previously. The Volkswagen Golf has been ever present at these awards, managing to finish in the top three podium places since the year 1975.

How the Golf won

So how did the vehicle manage to secure the to spot? The judges praised the car’s sportiness, fuel efficiency, dynamic and comfort. Is there much else to praise the car on?

It’s difficult to improve what has proven to be such a successful vehicle over the years but Volkswagen managed a way. The new MQB platform has added new life to the vehicle. It adds flexibility, more economy and more stability.

The rest

Hyundai recorded an disappointing 8th place at the awards, despite it’s i30 recording great sales for the i30 this year.

The new generation Mercedes A-Class has been praised by many experts and fans. It is perhaps the biggest regeneration of a Mercedes vehicle from one version to another. It managed to finish in a respectable 5th place.

Final listings

  1. Volkswagen Golf (414 points)
  2. Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ (202 points)
  3.  Volvo V40 (189 points)
  4. Ford B-Max (148 points)
  5. Mercedes A-Class (138 points)
  6. Renault Clio (128 points)
  7. Peugeot 208 (120 points)
  8. Hyundai i30 (111 points)