A-history-of-the-VW-Golf--from-Mk1-to-Mk-7-Mark-2As we progress down the memory lane of Volkswagen’s hits of yesteryear, it’s time to turn our attention to the second of VW’s outstanding Golf series. Put your hands together for…

The Volkswagen Golf Mk2 (1983 – 1992)

When it was time to re-imagine the highly successful Mk1 Cabriolet, it could be said that Volkswagen perhaps trod a rather predictable path. The styling was more rounded – this was now done in-house, as opposed to Giugiaro – clothed familiar engines and interiors not too dissimilar from the earlier version. It was the improvements, both inside and on the road, which gave the gloss to the second Golf. The base model was now 1272cc, but this was still relatively ponderous compared with class standards – all the rest though, were right on the pace.

The new vehicle gave its ready market exactly what they wanted. The sales that followed were predictably huge. A few enthusiasts – and the first car had many – thought it lacked a little sparkle and character, but an evolution of the original theme ensured the Golf Mk2 stayed right on the pace its whole lifetime. As a diesel, the Golf GTD was one of the most influential mid-sized cars of its time.

It was the build quality and reliability which was remarkable for cars of its time, with respect to these, the Golf stood alone and as a result, it earned its deserved title of Europe’s favourite family car.

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