A-history-of-the-VW-Golf-from-Mk1-to-Mk7-Mark-3Volkswagen Golf Mk3 (1992 – 1997)

Its predecessor, the Mk 2 Golf, was the best car in its class in so many ways. For the Mk 3, matching the success of the hugely popular earlier edition was always going to be a tough act to follow.

Highly durable, reliable, perfectly executed and featuring a halo model in the guise of the iconic Mk 2 Golf GTi, the Mk3 had so many high standards to live up to. If truth be told, it didn’t succeed a hundred percent.

Featuring what was regarded as rather dumpy styling, a bland and uninteresting cabin, unremarkable handling, it was widely regarded as a disappointment by the buying public. This was a shame, as the Mk3 was a pioneer in many respects. It was the first vehicle to use water-based paint, which also made it prone to rot, and it was more recyclable than any other car within its field. When in ‘Ecomatic’ format, it was the car that today’s stop-start vehicles were originally based on.


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