A-look-back-at-the-Volkswagen-Polo-Mk1Much like the Passat, the Polo was another example of a Volkswagen that started life as an Audi. Disregarding the 1990’s A3 or A2, the first proper small Audi was actually the 50, which was then subsequently rebranded as the Polo in 1976.

The car was styled by Bertone and featured all-new EA111 overhead camshaft engines; the Polo led its class from day one, this in spite of the small boot and small rear seat.

The vehicle’s handling and ride were a perfect example of what one had come to expect of Germanic cars around that time. Compact and accomplished, the Polo proved an exceptionally versatile motor. Incorporating all facets of good engineering that would become synonymous with VW design over the years; the Polo was an early bench mark in the small car segment.

It was a highly decent super-mini too, this was even more remarkable when one considers the lack of experience Audi had with small cars up until this point.

Great build, a highly functional interior, and bodywork oozing style thanks to Bertone’s stylings, the Polo was especially popular to small-car buyers in Germany.

One criticism levelled at the Polo was perhaps it was a little too functional when compared to say, the Renault 5 or Fiat 127, but when did being sensible become such a bad thing?

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