The Sharan is a fantastic MPV which displays quality in almost every aspect. It has been around since the 1990’s.

It seems that Volkswagen Sharan have certainly improved with age.  Reviews of the second generation have received excellent reviews.

The car is available in…

  •     1.4 litre producing 148bhp (Petrol)
  •     2.0 litre producing 197bhp (Petrol)
  •     2.0 litre producing 138bhp (Diesel)
  •     2.0 litre producing 168bhp (Diesel)

The car’s practicality is extremely good and one the best in its class.  It’s has sliding doors allowing easy access. The rear seats are able to be folded flat, offering more spaces if needed.

The car comes with plenty of equipment such an iPod connecter and climate control. Behind the wheel the driver is able to adjust their seat perfectly to suit them.

Running the Sharan is quite competitive compared to rivals. It can hold its value pretty well too.

Servicing your Sharan

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