The Touran is a spacious and practical car that isn’t too large. It’s a multipurpose vehicle that performs pretty well on the road.

The handling on the car is surprisingly good. It’s got an easy to manoeuvre steering wheel with its weight adapting well to different speeds.

It has been suggested by some reviews that the car isn’t particularly noisy. The Touran offers a nice smooth ride.

The safety and security of the car make it very suitable for families. There are anti-lock brakes fitted with airbags that surround the car in suitable places.

Seats within can be folded flat to create more space. Some of the cheaper models come with air conditioning and cruise control as standard.

Servicing your Touran

Servicing Stop can get prices that are cheaper than the main dealer for your car service. Warranty is not affected and you’ll get a 1 year guarantee on parts and labour.