The Volkswagen Transporter BlueMotion has been added to the company’s commercial vehicle line-up. Clearly Europe’s largest car manufacturer is keen to cut emissions on their cars as well as their vans.

BlueMotion technology is one of the best recognised green focused car systems in the world. It is largely seen on the company’s marquee vehicles such as the Golf and the Passat. That has now spread to the Transporter Van, bringing C02 emissions down to 166g/km and fuel efficiency reaching 44.8 MPG.

The vehicle will come with a 2.0 litre TDI turbocharged engine, capable of reaching a maximum of 114 BHP.  Overall, the vehicle is capable of achieving an outstanding 780 miles on a single tank of fuel. Compared to a standard model, the official MPG rating has improved by 7.1 MPG and its emissions have reduced by 32 g/km. An 84 BHP model will also be developed, capable of achieving 40.4 MPG, hitting 710 miles in total on a single tank of fuel.

The spectacular engine is just one part the vehicle’s technology. Other features include low rolling resistance tyres, stop/start technology, battery regeneration and efficient cruise control. Equal tyre pressures are extremely important to keeping your vehicle as efficient as possible. BlueMotion technology comes with a tyre pressure warning light so the driver is aware of the vehicle’s current status. Volkswagen has also revised their gear ratio in order to improve the vehicle’s Bluemotion technology.

The new van is certain to be a big hit with fleet companies. Its excellent value and fuel economy ratings are sure to help push sales up.

In other news the new Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion brings down C02 emissions down to just 85g/km. It is still yet to be decided what trim the vehicle will be made available in. It could be made in both the S and SE trim. The new Golf reaches efficiency levels of 88.3 MPG.

The Transporter BlueMotion models will cost £18,770 and £17,290. We believe that the low power version does not represent the best value for money and will not sell as well as the higher power version. There really is not any need for that specific variant in our opinion.