The company are hoping their new car will help them breeze past last year’s emissions scandal.

Volkswagen previewed their first vehicle moving forward after the diesel emission scandal at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The convertible T Cross Breeze will rival the likes of the Nissan Juke, the Renault Captur and the Mazda CX-3 and hints at Volkswagen’s future ‘supermini’ crossover plans.


The concept is powered by a turbocharged, 1.0 litre three-cylinder engine, with 109 horsepower. A seven-speed, dual clutch automatic transmission funnels that power to the front wheels only, and Volkswagen estimates that the Breeze can sprint to 62 miles per hour in 10.3 seconds, with a maximum speed of 117 mph. The concept’s cabin features the latest version of Volkswagen’ ‘virtual cockpit’ with a high-resolution display replacing the panel and touch sensitive surfaces instead of buttons. So dedicated to removing buttons they are that the only physical outlets are for the electric windows, the electric roof and the indicators and windscreen wipers.

The company, possibly learning their lesson from the emissions scandal, are being shockingly honest with their intention behind the concept car, frankly revealing that they plan on it becoming an open top convertible rival to the likes of the Evoque Convertible. “It is purely a concept at the moment,” VW boss Herbert Diess said, “but we can well imagine putting such a convertible on the market as a production model – an affordable fun car that is also entirely suitable for everyday use.”

Though the car itself gets a good reveal, the company are pushing this car forward as more of an indicator about what to expect from them in the near-future. In the press packet for the Breeze, the company says: “The T-Cross Breeze concept car offers a first look at a newly developed SUV model series… In the future, [their existing models] will be joined by three more SUV models.” Moreover, the company’s head of design, Klaus Bischoff, labelled the concept more “a teaser for the most compact sport utility vehicle that Volkswagen plans to make. … The T-Cross Breeze reflects the new start for our brand”, Bischoff elaborates. “We want to stir enthusiasm for ‘New Volkswagen’. In this instance we are doing that with an unprecedented vehicle concept in this class; a completely redesigned cockpit and design that is equally crisp and expressive.”

‘New Volkswagen’ – basically ‘please stop suing us, we’ve changed.’