Volkswagens-TPrime-GTE-ConceptCrossover SUV’s cannot stop selling at all. They seem to be everywhere and their sales show no signs of slowing down. But unless Volkswagen doesn’t update their crossovers very soon, than the concept T-Prime GTE may make the crossover very cross indeed.

The T-Prime GTE concept looks like the future. With surplus amounts of technology, dazzling good looks and excellent technical statistics, this full size SUV may stop the sales of the crossovers once and for good as consumers may move to the full size SUV.

The interior of this vehicle is the most futuristic seen so far. This comes as a huge surprise considering that there are many other more luxurious brands who have recently displayed their interior concepts, and they don’t look half as good. For the T-Prime however, expect to see no physical controls at all. The cockpit will instead be controlled by touch screens and touch surfaces. For example, there will be a 10inch digital touch display and a 12inch digital infotainment system too. As well as that, the infotainment system will be personalised, you can hear voicemails, receive emails and other functions which has been rightly given the name ‘Active Info Display’.

The vehicle looks menacing too. With a low body perched on big 22inch wheels, the SUV has extremely muscular lines, a slopped roof and a grille covering the whole front with newly designed LED lights too. So not only is the interior special, the exterior really is too.

The technical statistics, even for an SUV, are extraordinary. Carrying a 248hp 2.0 litre four-cylinder turbo engine and a 134hp electric motor, the vehicle can sprint for 0-60mph in 60 seconds and hit top speeds of 139mph whilst boasting healthy emissions rates.

There has been a lot of talk about this vehicle since it was first unveiled at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show and we doubt that the talk surrounding this vehicle won’t quieten down any time soon. We really hope that the vehicle does hit the production line and give these little crossovers a cross country run for their money…